May 05, 2006

genocide in Sudan

Comment is Free is doing it again, this time a article by Brendan O'Neill about the genocide in Darfur. You see it is not actually a genocide but actually a cunning plot by eeeeevil America.
It worked, at least for a while. Eyes were diverted to Sudan.
Really? It didn't work then since Iraq still gets far more coverage than the genocide of Black Muslims by Arab Muslims in Sudan.
Doubts about whether it was wise to invade Iraq gave way to cries for action against the 'evil' rebels in Darfur.
Actually the genocide is mainly being carried out by the goverment sponsered Islamist militias. But don't let a little fact get in the way of a Guardian editorial.
Demands that America stop interfering in other states' affairs were replaced with pleas for it selflessly and bravely to "do something" about Sudan.
Not exactly a new phenomina, just like the tsunnami. If there is a problem anywhere the US is called on to sort it out being the most powerful country in the world, and just like the tsunnami it normally does a good job when it decides to do something. Not that they get any acknowlegement for it. The problems come when it does not plan for what happens next. For example Iraq and Afganistan where invaded easily, but they had no idea of how to put them back together again afterwards.
This turnaround is personified in George Clooney. Not long ago he was the pin-up boy for the "Bring Our Boys Home From Iraq" lobby; now he is the pin-up leader of the "Save Darfur" campaign. He is pretty much the pretty-boy mouthpiece for US imperialism,
That will be because of his vocal opposition to the Iraq war will it?
for the idea that it is up to the likes of America and the "international community" to resolve Africa's crises.
Well America and the "international community" might not be able to solve all the problems, but by cutting of the aid flows to the kleptocratic regimes in Africa they could stop proping up the problem. But somehow I don't think that is what he is surgesting.

I think I'll stop there, but if you want further evisceration the comments takes him apart quite well.


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